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Ready to ACCELERATE Your SEO?​​​​​​​

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Your Competition Probably Isn't Using These Strategies Yet!

Join the Accelerator to learn - and implement - some of the NEWEST SEO tips for your website

Here's What You Get When You Join

  • 3 Months of live group SEO training sessions where you can ask your questions
  • Access to our ever-growing library of pre-recorded SEO training videos that answer the most common questions or show you how to implement examples
  • SEO activities that are proven best practices using the latest trends for search engines
  • Hands-on guidance on the exact steps to implement both on and off your site optimization
  • Access to training courses, PDFs, worksheets, tips, and our exclusive member group
  • Community support and group mastermind to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and get feedback
  • Support from our team of coaches 

And more ... all at our lowest price EVER.

Increase website visitor traffic

Target QUALITY traffic

Increase conversions

Lower expenses from paid ads

Boost overall marketing​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​These Tactics are Proven to:

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The LOWEST Price 

This Program Will EVER Be!

The regular price for the New SEO Accelerator is $1495

Join dozens of other students in the group

What makes this program even more effective is the support of the community.  Research shows that entreprenerus who are growing their business have more chance of success by doing it as part of a group rather than alone.  That's why you will join hundreds of other entrepreneurs where you can win as a team!  Plus, we keep the group size small enough that you can receive more personalized attention than you otherwise could.

Live calls with our own SEO Master and other certified SEO Experts

But when you join our next session TODAY, you'll invest only $795 - this is over 50% Discount off our normal rate.  This course has just undergone a MAJOR revisionand we're wanting to make sure our teaching process is just as effective as it always has been. That's why we want to get the course to as many people as possible, and fast - so that we can gather feedback to improve it even further.

Normally these experts charge $hundreds for a single consultation - if you can even manage to get a booking.  However, we have negotiated with each of our experts to hold your group coaching and training calls to personally answer your questions, help you conquer your SEO, and make sure you get results.  Plus, you get access to tons of other BONUSES - but these bonuses  are only available to those who join the Accelerator NOW.

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Case Study #1

We moved this client's search results

to page 1 of Google from page 36 – all organic results with absolutely no ad spend.

This client was competing in a very saturated space and going against some national and global companies who dominated search results because they had a huge ad budget!

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Organic strategies aren't as quick & easy as throwing money at an ad ... but to move 30 pages for $0 is WOW

Here's how we have helped some clients.  Your results will vary based upon the work you do in this program.

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Case Study #2

This client was paying an SEO "expert" $2500 a month for SEO work.  We found most of his "SEO" was adding transition words to sentences - literally adding "And then," to the beginning of sentences.  This isn't SEO!

In addition to saving them that wasted $2500/month, we increased their monthly revenue by $42,000 after 3 months of SEO service - all of their business is booked online. Add in the $7500 they saved and it's 50K!

Here's how we have helped some clients.  Your results will vary based upon the work you do in this program.

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While not everyone faces this issue, our program  paid for itself many times in 3 months!

You want to learn some of the newest strategies to use in your SEO that correlate to Google's most recent updates and changes​​​​​​​

You already have a website.  While there are some general strategies for your overall online presence that we will touch upon, for the most part SEO has to do with a website.  If you need a website, we can help you get that started.

For the most part you want to do the SEO yourself This is not a done-for-you program (although we have those as well).  This is in-depth training so that you can DIY.  You should be comfortable making changes to your website.  

You have at least a general idea of the main keywords you want to or should use.  We will be going through strategies to research some of the most effective keywords, but you need to have a general idea of what main words you should be using.

This Program is Right for You If ...

​​​​​​​You want your website to get more traffic and your business to grow.  You have GOALS.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You're ready and willing to put in the work - a small amount every week - to implement strategies.  Don't worry, we'll show you how to do it.  Like most programs, it doesn't make sense simply paying for a program that you don't implement.

You will make a commitment to your business to improve your SEO over the next three months.

You will actively participate on calls and in the group.

You understand there's no such thing as get rich quick - that results take focused effort over time.  We'll help you get there MUCH faster (and if you do  find that get rich quick scheme that is real ... let us know!)

You want to have fun along the way!  Only the old SEO is boring!

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Case Study #3

While you don't need PPC ads for SEO, if you're doing ads it's critical to have GOOD SEO!

One client had not optimized their keywords between their ad account and their website, so over the course of a year, they had paid almost $30,000 too much for people who searched something completely unrelated to their business and clicked on their ad.  We helped them clean it up and saved that $30K - in one month.

Here's how we have helped some clients.  Your results will vary based upon the work you do in this program.

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While not everyone will have - or need - this result, our program paid for itself many times in 1 month!


One Low Price!

Here's What You Will Learn​​​​​​​

Seo Audit
Getting your website ready
Connecting reporting platforms
Site speed
Mobile first
Pre-existing issues
SEO Plugins
Keywords - beyond basic

Meta descriptions
Body content
Image alt
Structured data
Internal linksOutgoing links
Backlink building
Guest posting
Broken link building
Keyword search volume
Keyword difficulty

Short tail vs long tail
Keyword research tools
Voice search
User intent
Rank tracking
Link monitoring
Local search
Social media
What to avoid

​​​​​​​... more

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Case Study #4

This client had someone set up their online presence about 10 years ago, when you could get noticed using strategies that now get penalized.

They had 50+ websites for their one and only service; none could rank because they competed against one another. Plus none were updated and Google wants NEW content.

We calculated it would take at least 2600 hours per year to maintain them all - more than a full-time employee!  That savings of over $50K for a FT salary plus streamling their entire online presence focused their efforts and we were able to remove Google penalites so their site could actually be searched again.

Here's how we have helped some clients.  Your results will vary based upon the work you do in this program.